What if together we could make improved healthspan,
performance, and longevity
accessible to everyone?


Cornucopian Capital  – Seeding Medicine 3.0 for Everyone

At Cornucopian, we’re using long-term capital to build and support results-focused, high integrity companies that use scientific knowledge and accessible technologies to help everyone attain improved healthspan, enhanced performance, and extended longevity.

Our unique capabilities, strategic partnerships, institutional networks, and collaborators add meaningful value to early-stage companies seeking to deliver best-in-class health products and services to consumers, patients and healthcare providers.

Our Vision – A world where Medicine 3.0 is accessible to everyone.

Medicine is undergoing a paradigm shift from just treating disease to preventing it.  A new generation of companies is increasing access to improved healthspan, performance, and longevity, while reducing risk for chronic diseases and treatments with diminishing returns.  In doing so, these companies are redefining the multi-trillion dollar markets for health, wellness, and food. 

Blueberries and molecules


Cornucopians are optimists combining creative and scientific potential with the promise and genius of nature to seek better, innovative solutions for human health. 

Our team works with results-focused urgency to support founders in the real investment of time and capital required to achieve evidence-based quality.  Are you a Cornucopian?

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Flowers and hands