Cornucopians are optimists combining creative and scientific potential with the promise and genius of nature to seek better and innovative solutions for human health.

Our Core Values

Value Creativity

Work with leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators in a range of fields with diverse backgrounds to find unexpected solutions

Be Patient

Use unique capabilities and networks to support founders in the real investment of time and capital required to achieve quality

Bring Out the Goodness and Genius in Nature

Our remarkable bodies, and the natural environment that supports us, are brilliantly designed

Commit to Scientific and Professional Integrity

Build deep and accountable relationships with best-in-class experts; don’t let your goals cloud your judgement

Work with Urgency

The world needs solutions

Be an Optimist

Every day can build a better future

Focus On Results

Drive real results for real people

A few of the Cornucopians dedicated to advancing our vision, mission and strategy throughout the world…