A world where the food we eat every day plays the leading role in making metabolic health accessible to everyone – leading to longevity, improved performance, disease prevention and reversal, healthy motherhood, prenatal and child development, and more.

Optimizing body biochemistry through food presents a new paradigm for integrated human health. Rapid advances and decreasing costs in life and data sciences have positioned humanity at the doorway of a new golden era for integrating and improving food and health.

We can now see that our metabolic health – our remarkable natural biochemistry – is fundamentally shaped by food – our primary biochemical input – and our daily rhythms of sleep, activity, and mental health.  Getting metabolic health and food right means better development, quality of life, and longevity for the individual — and greater societal equality and planetary health. 

Unhealthy foods lead to metabolic dysfunction that cascades through our body’s systems – and our society. This dysfunction manifests as chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and immune system weakness; creating exorbitant health care costs.  Globally, more than one billion people are afflicted by diseases related to this dysfunction.

Consumers have discerned this important insight for themselves with a focus on high quality, nutritious foods being second only to taste for U.S. consumers.  Increasing nutrition literacy has also boosted demand for more transparent labels and brands.

To make metabolic health accessible to everyone, a new generation of health and food companies is urgently needed.  Neither today’s consumer goods and food companies, nor today’s healthcare companies, are designed to support this vision of integrated health.  

At Cornucopian Capital, we’re supporting this new generation of companies by using long-term capital and our unique capabilities to combine innovations in life and data sciences with consumer-facing products and services. We work with results-focused, high-integrity companies committed to transforming and upgrading the food industry to improve health in the 21st century.

We live in a time of historic possibilities – let’s meet the next great challenge of our time – together.